Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Buying from Changeroo

Changeroo.ca strives to assure the quality of the items it sells. Each item is checked thoroughly upon receipt but sometimes, a flaw manages to escape detection until just before it is shipped. If this happens, you will receive an email, your payment for that item will be refunded and you will receive the article for FREE.

Return policy

No returns will be accepted as all sales are final.

Shipping policy

All shipments are made via Canada-Post. Shipping rates are calculated directly by Canada Post based on weight, dimensions and destination postal code. Changeroo.ca is not responsible for any delay or loss of shipments.

Price policy

The reselling price is established based on the original price of the item, and then sold at 75% off. Since most of the items we receive are no longer sold in stores, we reference similar items of the same brands to base our prices on.