Canada's Tooth Fairy Rates

Survey reveals Tooth Fairy’s going rates across Canada

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Some kids are raking in the profits from their baby teeth. Here's a closer look at the Tooth Fairy's average payouts.

TORONTO — The Tooth Fairy ‘revealed’ this week (through a Visa Canada survey) what the going rate is for a baby tooth left under a pillow.

The national average is $3.44 per lost tooth, which comes out to $68.80 for the piggy bank from a full set of 20 little pearly whites. That’s a 23 per cent increase over the Tooth Fairy’s payout last year. But she seems to be more generous in some provinces than others. While Alberta is known as the “have” province, it’s youngsters in Quebec who cash in the most. They rake in just over $4 per tooth, on average.

Kids on both coasts receive less than the national average, as do Ontarians. They get $2.95.

A few lucky canucks (five per cent) will receive more than $20 per tooth. Thirty-per cent can expect a toonie, while 12 per cent will receive less than a loonie.

Overall, though, the Tooth Fairy pays more in Canada than in the States, where the average rate has dropped six per cent since last year to an average of $2.19 a tooth.

“The Tooth Fairy is paying a premium for Canadian baby teeth, which gives parents a great chance to start a conversation about money with their kids,” said Carla Hindman, Visa Canada’s director of financial education.

In addition to a Tooth Fairy calculator, Visa Canada has also created a Tooth Fairy app with a “Tooth Booth” for toothless grins as well as an option for kids to receive an email from the Tooth Fairy herself.

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