Changeroo's 3rd Birthday / 3eme Anniversaire

Changeroo's 3rd Birthday / 3eme Anniversaire


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This week marks Changeroo’s 3rd birthday!
Since its opening, Changeroo has been named by the Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s Top Ten Most Remarkable Small Business, been featured in Montreal Families and La Presse, has been included in the list of better businesses on the websites of Protègez-Vous and Ca vaut le coût, and has been featured in many popular blogs.
Changeroo resells clothing at over 75% OFF the new ticket price, therefore our customers save an incredible amount of money. The average Changeroo customer spends approximately $100 every season on items that if purchased new in stores, would have cost at least $400 plus tax.
So, for example, you can easily spend $1,600 plus tax per year on new name-brand clothing at the mall, OR you can get similar like-new items of the same brands at Changeroo for only $400 a year, tax-free!  For our regular customers, this savings amounts to $,1200 a year!  If you haven’t already done so, imagine what you could do with your savings by shopping at Changeroo!

How else do Changeroo customers stretch their family budget? By making money selling their children’s outgrown clothing to us. Some customers have received payouts as much as $120 for one lot! The higher the original value of the item, the higher the payout. The clothing we accept must adhere to our Quality Standards which may be modified from time to time, depending on various factors such as current stock levels, seasons or fashion trends.
Changeroo is YOUR store for children’s second-hand clothing. Please contact us anytime for suggestions on how we can serve you better, and also let us know what types of items you would like us to carry. We love hearing from you!
Cette semaine marque le 3ème anniversaire de Changeroo!
Depuis son ouverture, Changeroo a été nommé par le Globe and Mail comme l'une des dix entreprises les plus remarquables du Canada, a été présenté dans la revue Montreal Families et La Presse, a été inclus dans la liste des entreprises recommandés et à faire confiance sur les sites web de Protègez-Vous et Ca vaut le coût, et a été discuté dans de nombreux blogues populaires.
Changeroo revend son vêtement à plus de 75% de rabais du prix étiquetté pour du neuf, donc nos clients économisent énormément d'argent. En moyenne, un client de Changeroo dépense approximativement $100 chaque saison sur les articles que si achetés neuf dans les magasins, auraient coûté au moins $400 plus taxes. 
Ainsi, par exemple, vous pouvez facilement dépenser 1,600$ plus taxes par an sur des nouveaux vêtements de marque au centre commercial, OU vous pouvez obtenir des articles semblables des mêmes marques chez Changeroo pour seulement 400$ par année, et ce sans taxes!  Pour nos clients réguliers, cette épargne s'élève à en moyenne 1,200$ par année! Si vous ne l'avez pas encore fait, imaginez ce que vous pourriez faire avec vos économies en magasinant chez Changeroo! 
De quelle autre façon les clients de Changeroo étendent-ils leur budget familial? En faisant de l'argent en vendant les vêtements de leurs enfants à Changeroo. Certains clients ont reçu des paiements jusqu'à $120 pour un lot! Plus la valeur originale de l'article est élevée, plus le paiement est élevé. Les vêtements que nous acceptons doivent être conformes à nos Standards de Qualité qui peuvent être modifiées de temps en temps, en fonction de divers facteurs tels que les niveaux d’inventaire actuels, les saisons ou les tendances de la mode. 
Changeroo est VOTRE magasin pour les vêtements usagés pour enfants. S'il vous plaît nous contacter à tout moment pour des suggestions sur comment nous pouvons vous servir mieux, et aussi nous faire savoir quels types d'articles que vous souhaitez voir sur le site. Nous aimons avoir de vos nouvelles!   



Canada's Top 10 Most Remarkable Small Businesses - Globe and Mail

Canada's 10 Most Remarkable Small Businesses

The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Sep. 12 2014, 7:44 AM EDT

In early September, The Globe and Mail's Report on Small Business asked readers to nominate their favourite small businesses for our inaugural #remarkablebiz contest. We received over 120 nominations, not to mention hundreds of retweets. Following the initial nomination stage, we posted 65 semi-finalists to our Pinterest board and the community was given the opportunity to vote through Pins, likes and comments. We took your votes into consider when preparing the top-ten list.



Elevator pitch: Founded in Montreal in April 2014, is an online store for used, like-new children’s clothing that is quickly becoming popular with parents, fashionistas, frugal shoppers, as well as ethically and environmentally conscious consumers. We provide high quality, top name brand clothing at low prices as an alternative to buying cheaply made “fast-fashion”. We sell our clothing at 75 per cent off the new ticket price and offer store credits in exchange for pre-loved children’s clothing in perfect condition. Items that do not meet the stipulated quality standards are donated to charity.

Secret sauce: Closets don’t grow – kids do. Every parent must contend with storing many boxes of outgrown children’s clothing, either to be passed on or thrown out. Recognizing this to be a common problem for parents, Changeroo offers an uncommon solution. Changeroo accepts clothing in like-new condition in exchange for store credits to shop for a new wardrobe. provides a no-risk online shopping experience, as well as fast, friendly and helpful customer service. It’s also a fun, thrill-of-the-hunt shopping experience, as new items are added daily.

Culture: is run and operated solely by its owner, Liane Guimond. Everything from website management, content, photography, social media, advertising, sorting, buying, and customer service is handled personally by Guimond.

Challenge: Advertising on a small budget. Getting the word out and drawing customers to the store on a dime has been difficult. So far, social media has been the most successful means of doing this. Social media has taken the “word of mouth” approach to great levels. Customers trust referrals from friends and family more than what they read in advertising, so it’s important to make a great impression and stay visible in social media platforms. It’s been vital to get a lot of “likes” and “shares” online.

Advice: Hold back on advertising spending initially. Don’t pay a considerable amount on advertising until you have worked out the essential details of how you will run your business. After opening your business, you may decide to approach certain operations differently, put particular business policies in place, or even just change the look of your website. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so make it count. It’s best to open “soft” and work out any bugs before you spend a large amount of money on advertising.


*Find the full article on the Globe and Mail website here: featured on

Stay-At-Home Mom Turns Pre-Loved Clothing Into Business Win

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Small kids grow out of their clothes in what feels like about 5 seconds. In the USA, the average family will spend $340 to $1,030 annually on clothing per child. Combine rising clothing prices with increasingly busy lives, and the last thing parents want to do is take small kids on a shopping trip. As a mother of three young children, Montreal-based entrepreneur, Liane Guimond, decided she wasn’t gonna take it anymore. So in April 2014, she created Changeroo, an online thrift shop for like-new kids clothing at a fraction of the price.

As a stay-at-home mother of three kids, my hopes for returning to the workforce were quickly dashed when I realized that my children still needed me to be home. Since working from home was the only option,  I used my own experience as a parent as a source business inspiration and created my own job. Since children grow like weeds, I was constantly sorting through clothing to see what could be passed on, and shopping for replacements. I began to really appreciate and enjoy shopping at thrift stores, and decided I would start my own online thrift shop, saving people money, time, and the hassle of trying to shop with children. It also offers a fun, thrill-of-the-hunt shopping experience, as new items are added daily. is an online store for used, like-new children’s clothing that is quickly becoming popular with parents, fashionistas, frugal shoppers, as well as ethically and environmentally-conscious consumers. We provide high quality, brand name kids clothing at low prices as an alternative to buying poorly made “fast-fashion”. We sell our clothing at 75 % off the new ticket price and offer store credits in exchange for pre-loved children’s clothing in perfect condition. Items that do not meet the stipulated quality standards are donated to charity. Changeroo offers fast, free shipping on orders over $40.


Being featured in the Globe and Mail ‘Canada’s 10 Most Remarkable Small Businesses’ contest has been a highlight. Otherwise, Changeroo has many repeat customers, and this has been a great measure of customer satisfaction and success!

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Globe and Mail unveils “Canada’s 10 most remarkable small businesses”

Last month the Globe and Mail went on a mission to find “most remarkable small and medium-sized businesses” in Canada. The qualifications were minimal, only that the company needed to have less than less than 500 employees and be working on “a cool product or an extraordinary culture that sets the company apart.”

After receiving 120 nominations across Canada from various sectors, the group was cut down to a respectable 65 semi-finalists and proudly displayed on its Pinterest account. Today, this list was cut down further and the Globe officially unveiled “Canada’s 10 most remarkable small businesses.”

Here are each of the top 10 companies, along with their Elevator pitch, Secret sauce, culture, challenge and advice.

– Halifax-based digital media company Skyline studio
– Kingston, Ontario’s Purlin’ J’s Roving Yarn Company
– Halifax-based eOLIO
– Calgary magazine UPPERCASE
– Montreal’s online store Changeroo
– Guelph’s is Canada’s online destination for health, beauty, home and baby products
– Halifax-based Small Jobs plumbing is a plumbing comapny
William Tell Family Estate sells fresh fruit locally
Trace Associates is a environmental science and consulting company based in Calgary

Source: Globe

Changeroo Featured in Montreal Families Magazine!

Changeroo gives new meaning to the old switcheroo

What do you get when you combine name brands, low prices, environmental awareness and the perils of fast fashion? You get Changeroo.

Mom of three, Liane Guimond, started the business in April as a way to help parents save money on kids’ clothing, Changeroo is an online store offering a variety of upscale, quality brands for a third of their retail price.

“Kids grow out of their clothing very quickly,” Guimond explains, “and it’s very costly. Sometimes you might even have something you think will fit next season, but the kids have outgrown it. Some (clothes) haven’t even been worn.”

Guimond’s store is stocked exclusively by donations. Changeroo sends free bags for donors to ship the clothing they no longer use (shipping is free). Guimond then sifts through the  donated clothes for ones that fit Changeroo’s criteria: no rips, tears or frayed edges; no bad smells; no missing buttons or broken zippers.

“(We carry) quality brands,” Guimond says, like Tommy Hilfiger, Baby Guess, Nautica and Gap. “I don’t take the lower-quality brands that people could buy dirt cheap anyway.”

Those who send in donated clothes are rewarded with online credits. - “If you send in enough stuff, you can end up getting a whole new wardrobe without paying for it,” she says.

But it isn’t only about looking good; it’s about doing good, too.

“There’s an ethical cost to fast fashion,” Guimond says. “The whole sweatshop thing is a bad scene. Then there’s the eco waste of producing the clothes: the water used, the dyes that are going into the water, and the transportation costs to ship clothing from overseas.

“This has already been done with the clothes I’m selling,” she says, “and the process doesn’t needlessly repeat itself.”

Changeroo also has a maternity wear section which Guimond hopes to expand soon.

To shop online or to order a donation bag, visit

Canada's Tooth Fairy Rates

Survey reveals Tooth Fairy’s going rates across Canada

Lifestyle and Special Projects Reporter  Global News
Some kids are raking in the profits from their baby teeth. Here's a closer look at the Tooth Fairy's average payouts.

TORONTO — The Tooth Fairy ‘revealed’ this week (through a Visa Canada survey) what the going rate is for a baby tooth left under a pillow.

The national average is $3.44 per lost tooth, which comes out to $68.80 for the piggy bank from a full set of 20 little pearly whites. That’s a 23 per cent increase over the Tooth Fairy’s payout last year. But she seems to be more generous in some provinces than others. While Alberta is known as the “have” province, it’s youngsters in Quebec who cash in the most. They rake in just over $4 per tooth, on average.

Kids on both coasts receive less than the national average, as do Ontarians. They get $2.95.

A few lucky canucks (five per cent) will receive more than $20 per tooth. Thirty-per cent can expect a toonie, while 12 per cent will receive less than a loonie.

Overall, though, the Tooth Fairy pays more in Canada than in the States, where the average rate has dropped six per cent since last year to an average of $2.19 a tooth.

“The Tooth Fairy is paying a premium for Canadian baby teeth, which gives parents a great chance to start a conversation about money with their kids,” said Carla Hindman, Visa Canada’s director of financial education.

In addition to a Tooth Fairy calculator, Visa Canada has also created a Tooth Fairy app with a “Tooth Booth” for toothless grins as well as an option for kids to receive an email from the Tooth Fairy herself.

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